Danny's Dough

Here's what principals in South Texas are saying about Danny's Dough & Third Coast Fundraising


"Such an AMAZING company to work with! Tuloso Midway Primary has worked with them for several years now, and service and products have always been PERFECT! I have worked hand in hand with Danny and Lora and our school has earned INCREDIBLE profits! If you are looking for a local company that has great products and even better customer service...Danny's Dough Third Coast Fundraising is the company for you/your organization!!!!

Teresa Grimes Russell
Midway Primary


"My PTA has always handled the cookie dough fundraiser. Next year, 2009-2010, the school will probably have to do the fundraiser. Mr. Jauer is the person who has worked with our PTA for the last 5 years- it is because of his involvement that I am NOT WORRIED AT ALL about taking over the fundraiser for next year. Danny has been with our PTA every step of the way for the cookie dough fundraiser and it has run VERY smoothly. It has been our biggest and best fundraiser to date!"

Sheila Thomas
Robert Wilson Elementary


"We have used Danny's services very successfully for the past several years. We do so because he is extraordinarily helpful, the products are always great and of a high quality, our customers are happy, and we have consistently exceeded our fundraising goals. I would recommend Danny's services to my colleagues without hesitation."

Dr. Kimberly Bissell
Windsor Park Elementary School


"I had concerns initiating such a large fundraiser, however, Mr. Jauer was with us every step of the way. I never imagined that it would be so successful. We raised approximately $19, 000. 00 in profit our first year!"

Angie Ramirez
Dawson Elementary


"Danny’s Dough makes fundraising easy and fun-service and delivery is exemplary. By choosing Danny’s Dough for your next fundraiser, I am confident that you will be as pleased as I have been with the results of working with Lora and Danny Jauer. Additionally, Danny’s accounting and packing team make all the difference in the world. They provide support and guidance throughout the entire fundraiser, making the process simple and hassle-free!"

Victoria G. Smith, Ed.D.
Montclair Elementary