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Color Xploder Lollipops
Fun lollipops that paint your tongue. Available in many surprising, mysterious, and irr..
Yummy Hearts Lollipops
Heart shaped gourmet lollipops, number one candy fundraising seller during Valentine season...
Yummy Lix
Our gourmet lollipops had been selected by the finest retailers for the last years, and..
Sour Mania Lollipops
Warning! Extreme sour that will make you pucker. Can you handle it? Available In Puckery Flav..
Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods
The Rods are diped in milk chocolate and rolled in deliciousness. ..
Yummy Bears Lollipops
Unique Bear Shape Gourmet lollipops “Yummy Bear”. This unique lollipop shaped Bear is av..
Sour Yummy Lips Lollipops
1 oz lips shaped gourmet lollipops, with extra punch and great sour flavor, have become kids..
Yummy Lips Lollipops
Lips shaped Lollipops, great tasting lollipops for Valentine day and every day. Cool sha..
Yummy Star Lollipops
Star Shape 1oz Gourmet lollipops! Gourmet Lollipops “Yummy Star” available now. ..
Hope Ribbon Lollipops
Charity Fundraising Lollipops! Breast cancer Fundraising idea: Hope Gourmet lollipops are..
Just Say No to Drugs Red Ribbon Lollipops
Ribbon shaped lollipops. Flavors Available: Strawberry Watermelon Wild C..
Football Lolliball Lollipops
1 oz football shaped lollipops, great item for candy fundraising, for football team and other spo..
Baseball Lollipops
1 oz Baseball shape lollipops, great item for fundraising, for Baseball teams and other sport tea..
Hot Pops Lollipops
Hotpops are dipped in different types of chili on one side of the lollipop, and the other half is..
Yummy Lix Sugar-Free Lollipops
Sweet as sugar! It is made with a carbohydrate based sweetener, lower calories intake without..
Yummy Swirls Lollipops
LARGE 1.58 oz YUMMY SWIRLS LOLLIPOPS Unique Large gourmet lollipops crafted with passion avai..
Yummy Valentine Lollipops
LARGE 1.58 oz HEART SHAPE LOLLIPOPS Unique Large Heart Shape gourmet lollipops crafted with p..
Halloween Lolliween Lollipops
Perfect for trick-or-treat or just some ghostly fun. These haunted sweets are available in th..
Merry Pops Lollipops
Super stocking stuffers, kids love them. These yuletide delights are available in these three..
Easter Joy Lollipops
Great for Easter egg and filling baskets. These springtime treats are available in three grea..

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